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I've recently removed the download as this environment will be part of a compilation I'm working on called "Lushfoil Photography Sim", that'll be available early 2023. 

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I run beta testing sessions for new environments exclusively on discord.

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i want play this sm

So when will we be able to play the new version, I just learned about this game recently and found that it was deleted on steam.


coming out in the next few months!

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Any chance of having the VR build available to download again or getting a DLC key on Steam? I tried it back when it was available, and it was great. But when wanted to show my friends now I can't...

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it's deleted because it'll be a part of "Lushfoil Photography Sim" that's coming out next year! there were some rights issues so I had to remove the individual, sorry. but please tell your friends about the new game: 

I've been loving this title, but it's been giving me an error lately, and I'm not sure where to get help. My PC shut down the first time I booted it, and now I simply get an error message that says "Fatal Error" when I try launching it. Other cavesrd titles work just fine.

I love Japan and its scenery, and so I wanted to share my video of this tour here! Please do check out this virtual slice of peace - It's so well made and incredibly beautiful <3

What a great sim. We really enjoyed it and are going to try the other sims. Excellent work.

I've only found out about this game and it blow me away. It's a great experience and i can't wait it to be released as a complete game so i can buy it. But i have a suggestion and i hope the developer will see this comment. If you can make games like this, can you also make a similar game where you can explore different planetary objects like Mars, Venus, Moon, Titan, Europa etc.? Just like an astronaut landed on the planet, we can explore some parts that's been revealed to this date. I think that can be an amazing experience for players and could be a great project to invest on. Most of us will not live long enough to see man landing on Mars and yet we can even walk on fiery surface of the Venus or watch the Saturn rising over the methane lakes of Titan and take pictures (or collect rock samples if it's not too much work lol).

Nice game


Wow!!! This game is amazing! I really enjoyed it so much. But I have one prolbem.

I have graphics glitches but only on the fences and on laterns. Does anyone have the same issue? I use AMD Radeon RX570.
Here are some pictures of this issue.


Thank you for any advice.

whoa that's weird, I've never seen that before. are your drivers up to date?

Thanks for your reply!

Yes, I checked it. Drivers are up to date. I tried the steam version and the version from here. Unfortunately the same result. It's just strange because it only happens on a few objects.

Having a lovely time on windows desktop mode w/xboxone controller. But often when I access the camera I cannot see the control adjustments nore can I leave the camera view until I access, then exit, the menu. I've noticed it happens more frequently when I've pulled everything completely out of focus. Hope you can help. Thank you

thanks for letting me know, I'm aware of this but I haven't been able to reproduce it consistently. looking to have it fixed soon

No problem. Thanks for the reply. Let me know how I can help, like sharing a log or something.

man I wish I remembered to write down the titles of the old playlist before the update :(


allem iversom & quickly quickly - pickt
jhfly - away
harris cole & aso - sleeping in
harris cole & aso - safe now
blue wednesday & shopan - murmuration
bing & ruth - twtga
idealism - far apart
quickly quickly - stilited (cover)
thrupence - prelude
rrst - fields

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Sometimes I can't take photos. I press the trigger with the camera but there is no output. Otherwise, great game! Side note, this issue is on the vr mode. 

which headset are you using? if you're using steamVR you can try remapping the bindings

Real pleasure playing it, well done !!! 👍👍👍


Looks cool! I bought the bundle. Any thoughts on distributing it as an APK for side loading on a Quest?

I could but it wouldn't work because it's not optimised for quest. thanks for the support though! you can still play it on quest using a link

Yeah no doubt. I'm happy to buy you a cup. Might be something to think about though as Rift is done. It would be cool to enhance it with hand tracking hand rays that make subtle changes to the environment like dust clouds or make trees sway :-)

yeah like it's definitley possible! Just I don't think I could get the visuals to a level where i'd be happy, and the visuals are kind of the foundation of the game. I like these ideas though :)

Deleted 3 years ago

thanks for making this!

welcome Sir :)

It was absolutely another beautiful yet nostalgic experience from the same creator. I enjoyed the simulated experience like actually walking under hundreds of toriis. I hope this kind of experience will help people understand the place better. Some people never even have chance to travel but this could really present people the genuine vibe of the place. Thank you


Hey, i'm just wondering where i find the pictures i take. Other than that, beautiful game.

there should be an option to open the folder when you exit the game, otherwise it's in appdata/local/fushimiinari/saved/screenshots

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Hi, I saw a Japanese streamer on YouTube playing this game live, and the game kept on crashing when taking a screenshot. Do you perhaps know if the path to the folder containing Japanese text (e.g. Windows user name) makes the game crash? It might be her environment, but wanted to double check.

hey thanks for telling me this, this sounds like the reason but I'm not sure. you can always set the photo quality option to "do not save" to try and prevent crashes

beautiful game!

when I got all the pictures the lock disappeared but the gate wouldn't open 


did you get the key on the photo board? might be a bug

oooh, no, I did not! Will try that next time I fire it up. Thank you! (love your games!)

This one is much better then others! Looks Great in VR using vorpx, thank you!

none of the vr mechanics will work if you're using vorpx?

Please slow down the walking speed in all your games or add a button to slow down the walking speed. Its too fast for me.

Make it slow like in this video.


I already added caps lock - slow walk option to my new zealand game! I just haven't updated the others yet. in the other games you can still walk slowly by using a controller

This game is beautiful. My entire dream in a video game. Thanks for giving me the experience I always wanted. But are you planning on making any other maps? I would love to see more of this.


yes! I have two other games and a fouth one should be coming in a few months

Yay! My siblings and I look forward to it! 

whyyyy Windows whyyyy...

Beautiful as always. Really cathartic to walk around in virtual nature taking photos, always love searching for the right angles to photograph and unlocking the ending to see how you change the scenery as a bonus. Thanks!

hey man! thanks for giving it a play

Hello! First of all I wanna thank you for this magnificent work, it's so realistic! Also the sound effects and music are wonderful. Then I have a question... is a big part of the main path missing? I mean... I arrive until that kind of "balcony" from where it's possible to see Kyoto scenery, then I still climbing a little bit and I arrive on a square with a big bell. From here, if I remember well the real location, the path is supposed to split into 3: on the left you reach a small graveyard; on the right (or on the front) the circular path starts until the top of the hill, where you can descend coming back on the front (or on the right if you started on the front)... I hope I explained myself well. Instead of this, the circular path seems missing and it's impossibile to reach the top of the hill. Is it correct or am I doing anything wrong? Thanks!

no you are correct! I just made a few changes to the map design and made a lot of the paths shorter, including removing that loop path. I visited the shrine recently so I know what you're talking about, it's cool that you recognised that specific place and sorry it's not physically accurate! thanks for the kind words about the game :)

Yes, actually I've been in Fushimi Inari five times, it's one of my favourite places in Japan :) That's why I was pretty confused when I did not find the path, I thought I was lost and I restart from the beginning twice before realizing a part of the path was missing! :) Do you think there'll be an update of the game with further paths? 

Just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to make these wonderful experiences. 

you're welcome, thanks for the kind words

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EDIT : forget it I'm stupid. leaving my message for anyone who'd come here with the same problem and small brain as me, check the board the key is hung on it, you need to take it from the board. Duh! :)

Hello Matt, first of all, thank you for these awesome experiences. I've played Iceland and Japan so far (I live near Fushimi Inari and I really appreciate the details you put in there)

I do have one problem though, even after taking all the required pictures, the final gate won't open. The lock is gone, but the door is still here and I can't go through. I really wish I could unlock the alternative map...

I played the Japan Steam version, if it's of any help. I'll try to download the game from here and see if it's any different. I'll let you know if it is.

Thanks again

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i am getting a fatal error playing on rift s 

what kind of error? make sure you have downloaded all the unreal engine prerequisites

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It won't let you download the VR version via itch.io client when you claim it for free.

I don't know why it does that, fixed now


I love the idea of wandering through this nice setting. I just had one question. I've bought the VR DLC on Steam but I feel like everything is a bit blurry and trees are rendering their low quality from way too close. Is this expected behavior or am I doing something wrong. I also can't seem to find the menu in which I can change settings while in VR.


so the vr version of this game is a bit outdated and doesn't include a settings menu for non-oculus headsets. I'm planning on updating it really soon with the VR template from the iceland game which will come with a whole bunch of fixes

That's great to hear. Thanks for the heads up. Looking forward to it! :)

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hello, lovely app. I found it on Steam but then got the standalone for putting on my offline laptop. Is there a way to add some graphics settings? Presets are functional but don't allow me to fix problems like film grain, everything becoming low contrast, desaturated, and hard to see when in the valleys - even the sky goes dark blue like I have a welder's mask on. It takes away  the virid tone until I leave the area.

edit: also can you recommend a program to replace music with? I see it's all stored as a big .pak archive but I'm not sure if things need to be decompressed and repacked

I added and darkness/desaturation to some parts of the map for variance, you can't really remove it at this point. also if you pause the music you can play whatever you like in the background, it just can't be done through the game

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Unfortunately I cannot get this to work in WMR (Steam version) even though a review on Steam said it would work without issues :-(

I'll have to wait until Matt applies the VR fixes, as the Iceland experience is perfect in WMR

yes I plan on updating this game with the new VR template very soon! thanks for being patient

First of all, this is awesome, your work is amazing. I do have one question, do the photos you take in game get saved anywhere, or is it just for fun?


they are saved in appdata/local/fushimiinari ! and thanks for the kind words

i dont know why but it just something about this game that make me feel like so wholesome thanks for making it

you're very welcome


Not to sound like emotional or anything but I played this and almost cried like I love this


This game is amazing!!!! It would be super cool if you added a "walking" feature too so gameplay can feel really immersive if that's possible. It felt like I was moving through the scenes too fast. Of course, I could've just stopped but slow walking through the scenery while "looking around" would be amazing

this is a good idea, you can always use a controller if you want to walk more slowly!

Hey, I really liked the game, it seems like a really accurate recreation of everything!

Though I have 2 things to "add":

Please, make it possible to sneak, it would add so many new opportunities for photos!

plus, please add a camera zoom! I don't know if its already in the game, but mouse wheel didn't change anything I noticed (maybe I'm just blind). But thats all! Great experience, thank you!!

thanks for the suggestions! I agree, maybe i'll put them in the next one

I was going to suggest this, thats awesome to hear!

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I love the game, and I've looked for this, but what are the "shrines" spoken of? I've been looking for the Plaque for days. The only shrine I can see is the one at the summit?

If you go to an area of the forest with a small river and a row of shrines that seem inaccessible, look around for a bit and you'll find a way through. according to the survey I did, 40% of people were able to find it on their first playthrough 


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i am having a problem with the rift s it is a graphics problem where the graphics are just black dots all around me please help my card meets the min specs but it still wont go away. i cant find anything else on this either 

haven’t heard of this before, can you email me some screenshots? mattcvsrd@gmail.com

i will today

Did u end up finding a fix for that? I've had this problem for a really long time.

this guy never emailed me unfortunatley, and it's really hard to test and change things without owning a rift s myself.  if you have time to send your own screenshots that would be helpful :)

Oh, alright, I'm actually using the CV1 Rift not the S, but I'll send u some screenshots tomorrow at mattcvsrd@gmail.com

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Bro, the scenery is absolutely amazing! So immersive yet so calming.

thank you my guy


Wow,That's is beautiful! !

:) thank you

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