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StatusIn development
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(13 total ratings)
Tagsartgame, Atmospheric, Exploration, Photorealistic, Singleplayer, Walking simulator

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This is a good game. I would like if there was snow effects and wind sounds when using the god mode settings for this game. Could you also have it so you can type in numbers for the stuff in God mode as I find the sliders bad to set right. And maybe you could add a thing that would make the little statue things reappear but be non collectable to the god mode settings. And I could not use the drone when I joined my friends game earlier this evening. You need to fix this issue and also they could not see my planes that I shot at them. Fix this also. 

Great game apart from that. Looking forward to the France one.

thanks for the suggestions!

I know this place well as I used to live nearby Yamadera, and the whole experience as I testplayed it walking through... it was just amazing! So soothing thanks!!

Great job! I need to fine tune the lighting effects, i didn't see a gamma option?

I haven't tried fast-travel yet, but combining that with photo snaps we can take is an awesome idea.

I would like to suggest a few things, an option to crouch so we can view something lower or view something underneath.

Would like to see things like insects, leaves falling and birds flying about, landing etc, and the sfx for that. Although the sfx of birds might of been present, i am hard of hearing, so didn't notice.

I half hoped we could walk down to the village and explore it. But that would be a lot of work, but it would be something i would love to explore over the course of an hour or two. 

I could imagine some of these as standalone games if they could be expanded on in map size in the future. Maybe via community poll of what they would like to see first and willing to buy.

I'd pay $25-30 for a game i could easily spend hours exploring if the map is large enough to do that. The Australian one or was it the NZ one had part of the map with a river and you could wade a little in. I could imagine having a canoe in the game where the player could paddle down the river and stop where they like and explore. A game where you could literally get lost in the forest would be awesome.

Also you could add a 'deploy campfire' mechanic, so long as it is flat, it can be placed. And player could sit next to (lower POV). Just use the tried and true method of crafting games. Green transparent outline of object for you can place and red for you cannot. And add a sitting posture. Which moves camera to lower level.

And if there was a setting to choose rate of daylight, where some insects are more noticeable at the close of the day.  The player could also set a starting time of their walk if they want to change the scene, longer shadows etc giving it a new feel.

Going back to the burning campfire, watching the sun go down and then seeing the bright campfire and sparks of the flame etc and hearing the night life would be very immersive and give the map another way to experience it. And on that note, why not have a torch for at night, making a walk through the environment at night another interesting experience again. There could even be a mode where you start at night with a torch and are randomly placed on the map and you have to make it back to the start.

Perhaps in the future you could team up with someone who can do really good animal animations and we can see wild life.

Anyway not to ramble, this Japanese one is your best yet!

Thanks to the mightiest Levont, (check out his playthrough below everyone), I was stunned with the graphics and downloaded the game myself. 
What an amazing trip to the mesmerizing, tremendous textural revolution!
Impressed with every bits, details and combinations of music, sound design, effects, the entire package for the success. I would highly recommend this small introduction to the magical surrounding and really looking forward to what this game has to offer. 

The game looks great and had a chance to look at it via 2 different graphics settings. Overall, it's a nice looking game.

Here's my channel for other games I have played. https://www.youtube.com/c/Levont

thanks for the coverage man!

I live in Yamagata, and I went there several times but…great work!


This game omg, like imagine if they'd teamed up with a horror dev.... dude

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Looks good, idyllic. When I first bought your Fushimi Inari package, I commented with a requested option to disable film grain, which eventually became an option, and an option to disable the automatic HDR because it was hard to see in the forest - you said it could not be done, citing either engine limitations or artistic license. This time I would like to request two things that are very likely possible: making motion blur a toggle (it is disorienting) and making depth of field a toggle. Currently I can only remove depth of field by dragging the settings bar almost all the way to minimum, killing the shadow quality and everything else with it. Going halfway seems to change depth of field's *field*, but not remove it.  I look forward to the active development but with a slightly older computer I need the ability to make graphical compromises a la carte.

depth of field is toggled with 'clarity mode' !

Thanks, I wasn't sure what that meant and it sounded really vague so I didn't try turning it on/off.

Hii, I've had the pleasure to play the game and made a video about it, I'll share some feedback too (hopefully it is useful to you ^^).

-The concept of the game is looking quite promising and evolves really well.

-The gameplay mechanics are well fitted into the game and give that really good "photographer" experience.

-Visually.... I mean.... I have no words, I really love what you've achieved.

-The "Copyright songs" option is a pretty nice one to have, especially for me as a content creator ^^.

Hopefully this is useful to you :D, also if you could subscribe that would help me a lot :)


I've only found out about this game and it blow me away. It's a great experience and i can't wait it to be released as a complete game so i can buy it. But i have a suggestion and i hope the developer will see this comment. If you can make games like this, can you also make a similar game where you can explore different planetary objects like Mars, Venus, Moon, Titan, Europa etc.? Just like an astronaut landed on the planet, we can explore some parts that's been revealed to this date. I think that can be an amazing experience for players and could be a great project to invest on. Most of us will not live long enough to see man landing on Mars and yet we can even walk on fiery surface of the Venus or watch the Saturn rising over the methane lakes of Titan and take pictures (or collect rock samples if it's not too much work lol).

nice idea! that would make for a cool game concept, it would have to be separate from this project though

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Any chance of adding VR support?

I would love to explore it even with just the most basic controls.

Looks gorgeous!


yes it'll happen eventually! even with basic controls I would need to overhaul the visuals so that they'd run more smoothly.

can't wait to explore those beautiful sceneries with VR Unreal Engine 5 stuff!

looks gorgeous but gives me a slight headache, idk why

It's so beautiful and relaxing.  2022 can't arrive soon enough.  I'm so excited to see all the locations you have planned.

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how? please explain on discord



I don't know how else to say this but I have had a stressful past couple of days and I got so excited when I saw Matt had published the latest Lushfoil beta. When I started playing it I was taken completely aback by the beauty of Matts work. Walking through Yamadera was the first bit of "quiet" I felt inside my mind in awhile and it left me fighting back the urge to cry. Thank you for releasing this for us to try, I sincerely appreciate the effort and the care you've put into making these experiences. Good luck to you on your journey to finishing the full Lushfoil sim and I can't wait to play it when its launched!! :)



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What a stunning, relaxing and beautiful experience! You are incredibly talented in catching the specific atmosphere, the "genius loci" of all these places. Thank you for another very enriching, touching and fulfilling experience.


!! thanks as always