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Sorry! the open beta period finished on the 16th of December. Be sure to keep an eye out for the next one! join the discord to be the first to know:


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One bug I found is that when you put the camera to your face, then switch to portrait mode, exit the camera and enter it again, the camera comes up in the landscape orientation but the on-screen frame comes up in portrait, and if you press Ctrl, it switches to portrait mode from portrait mode. So I'd presume it's a problem with the camera's orientation being out of sync between the HUD and the physical actor. 

But that's really minor stuff. Overall it's an incredible environment with nice mechanics to keep it entertaining.

noted, thanks for looking out!

How can i donwload Lago di Braies, Italy

You should add an fpv drone simulator to this!

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When will I be able to play this?

Breathtaking views man! Amazing work man. 

The only problem I have is there are no interiors for any of the buildings and if you don't know what they look like. Why not just search the interior buildings online but idk if that's legal or it would cause copyright issues but just wanted to see if this is possible.


yeah you're right but I still don't feel like it will add much to the game and it'd still be a lot of work. I wasn't able to go inside any buildings when I was there so I guess it still remains true to the experience?

Anyway you could make an interior based on research you find on the Internet? Like blueprints? Even if you can't I love your work regardless and your amazing at your work. Good job man! 🔥

I love your games, I use them for art references :)

thanks :)

awesome demo! only thing i'd wanna change is that i want to  be able to turn off those squares when using the camera. other than that, i love everything about it.

thanks, any reason why you want to turn off the squares?

Well, I guess I just like to walk around and look through the camera, instead of looking around the normal way. It makes me feel like I'm recording a video with an old camera, which kinda just adds to the whole experience (for me at least)

ah yeah I get what you mean, you should try playing with the field of view turned all the way down! that's what I like to do

I love it! Just like the other games a wonderful break from real life. 

The only thing bugging me is I can't find the second photo board, where are the last 4 pictures? I makes me mad! 

did you unlock the second level yet? the last photo on the first board would be your hint

Deleted 1 year ago

Dope experience as always, thanks for popping into the stream. Looking forward to the full / combo pack!

Looks great! Is there a release date? Thanks!

not yet, this will be the final game: https://cavesrd.itch.io/lushfoil

Awesome! Haven't unlocked everything yet, but it's been wonderful so far!


will you be able to go in the buildings at some point? it would be incredible to see all the interiors


I agree, but I haven't been inside these buildings so I don't know what they look like

Nice game

But the first part contains copyright music which is banned from youtube, so need to cut that part out from the video.

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Доволі непогано ...


!!! ЧОТИРИ СКАРГИ ВІД ЮТУБ !!! стосовно авторських прав щодо музики з забороною на весь світ ... 

Не хочу показатись прискіпливим .... але я не розділяю захоплення інших щодо картинки. Як на мене виглядає як перша частина Дарк Соул

Особливо це стосується фону.

Is this made for viewing in VR?  I could not figure out how too if it was


desktop only for now sorry!


VR would be sweet but I notice your doing somthing with motion blur there and I wonder how that word work.

I have a template that is built for VR so it's possible, i'm just not going to prioritise that right now

Recently, I've indulged myself in the landscape of the Alps and I must say... this game really excites me even more. I've never had an experience where I could (semi-freely) explore such a detailed landscape.

thanks so much! glad you liked it

hey where do the pictures save?


Hii, I've made a video about the game and wanted to share some feedback about it ^^, hopefully it is useful to you.

-The game is soooo relaxing and enjoyable.

-The amount of detail on the visuals on some places is really awesome.

-The exploration feels interesting and the few mechanics on the gameplay feel like a very welcomed touch to the game to make if more fun.

-I got toooooo many copyright claims, it would be great if the game had an option to change the music for your own music or if the music in it was actually CC0/Copyright free, but that's just a problem for content creators.

Hopefully this is useful to you :D, also if you could subscribe that would help me a lot :)


thanks so much this is super useful! glad you like the game

You are welcome ^^

The game is very pretty! Love the setting. Music works well. It seems generally blurry a lot of the time unless you stand close to objects, though. Walking simulators are not my type of games so it's not something I'd spend time with, but I appreciate the artistic value.


The Bob Ross of Unreal Engine is BACK




Oh my! You rock with your every new world! This is so wonderful!



WOW I gonna try this!!

It looks great. But plants are all in the same green, and the color saturation seems a little too high. If you want it to be more realistic, maybe you can try making it looks more 'grey'.

Yes, it looks really wonderful but I thought exactly the same thing about the green as you. A bit of different green shades would do wonder for the atmosphere I think. The most realistic woods I've ever seen in a game was in the beta version (they cut everything down in the release version) of Kingdom Come by the way.

Yes! Your game actually reminds me of Kingdom Come. The plants are breathtaking!


perhaps my monitor is too desaturated by default


respectfully disagree but thanks!

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Well I have to admit I'm a bit crazy about that realistic-woods-thing since the said KC:D-beta (I just can't get it out of my head), but playing Lago di Braies the second time I think you should indeed keep it as it is now, it has a very distinct appearance that way and I think it's more about keeping a unique artistic style fitting to the main characteristics of the portrayed location than to strife for absolute photorealism. I think all your works try to catch this very subtle and artistically elusive aspect of a landscape or place the ancients called the "genius loci" and in that you definitively succeed here once again.

thanks, yeah I completley agree. If you're looking for more realistic forests I'd totally reccomend 'the vanishing of ethan carter'

Thanks for the recommendation! I played Ethan Carter years ago, rather realistic indeed, and yet still far behind this.

Fantastic! I'll try it this evening. Every one of your works has been an exquisite  piece of art and a deep experience for me. Especially in these gloomy days, when crazy politicians are ruining the world (as they always do, more or less) your games have a very special value for me. They are like places I can come back to and relax. I replay them all from time to time just to feel the atmosphere and the calmness and peace again. Thank you for what you do!

thanks so much :)