A downloadable environment

This environment will be part of a compilation I'm working on called "Lushfoil Photography Sim", that'll be available early 2023. I've decided to remove the download, if you're having trouble recovering your VR purchase please send me an email!

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I run beta testing sessions for new environments exclusively on discord.
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So why did you remove the download?


it'll be part of the game "lushfoil photography sim" which will be released with annapurna interactive, I no longer have the rights to distrubite the iceland map on it's own

Aaaah, looking forward to it.


how do i download it


I've only found out about this game and it blow me away. It's a great experience and i can't wait it to be released as a complete game so i can buy it. But i have a suggestion and i hope the developer will see this comment. If you can make games like this, can you also make a similar game where you can explore different planetary objects like Mars, Venus, Moon, Titan, Europa etc.? Just like an astronaut landed on the planet, we can explore some parts that's been revealed to this date. I think that can be an amazing experience for players and could be a great project to invest on. Most of us will not live long enough to see man landing on Mars and yet we can even walk on fiery surface of the Venus or watch the Saturn rising over the methane lakes of Titan and take pictures (or collect rock samples if it's not too much work lol).

Hey! thanks so much for the kind words and cool ideas. I'm hugely inspired by the atmosphere of some real world locations, but I'm not sure I can say the same for space/interplanetary exploration.
It's a cool theme and a great backdrop for a lot of fiction but it's not the kind of thing I personally take a lot of influence from. I prefer to make scenes that are heavily inspired by nature, and grouded in reality (if that makes sense?) sounds like a concept you should work on yourself ;)

oh my.. i just can't understand but this game made me emotional somehow? IT'S SO GOOD. Thank you so much for making this game ^

thanks for playing!

Nice game

does buying the VR bundle come with the steam keys?

not right now, sorry

man i would love to see more art realistic games like only for graphics its awesome

Hello I was checking out your content after seeing your game on steam, "Exploring Fushimi Inari" and I found this. In settings it will not allow me to put the lighting on low. Is there a fix?

I disabled "low" lighting for this game because it removes the volumetric fog. are you having problems with performance?

Well I average 25-40 frames everything on low except lighting. Its fine though game looks really good and 25-40 fps is not bad at all

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ah ok, the lighting change probably won't make much of a difference anyway. I'm hoping to update this game soon with some more optimisations

oh ok thank you

Deleted 2 years ago

the physical camera is still experimental but the hand-framing camera mode should still work, did you try that?
if it's still not working feel free to request a refund through itch.io, I think you have to submit a support ticket

Deleted 2 years ago

fair enough! I could actually use some help troubleshooting with index, was the controller squeeze problem prevalent in the new zealand and australian games? those have the newest version of the VR template, I don't know if it's working or not. Also the screenshots are all from the desktop version of the game

Game is awesome. I play it at night before going to sleep, it’s so soothing. I used the photo mode to catch some pics that I use as wallpapers, and it’s nice to see this after a stressful gameplay. Thank you :)


Simply said, all your games have been added to my list. Unfortunately I can't play it with my old rusty computer, but in future it will be a must-Play. Are you planning some new sceneries btw? Maybe something snowy.. idk. Just suggesting :D

thank you! yes I definitley have something similar in the works

Real pleasure playing it 👍👍👍

This is beautiful! I've played all of your maps and it had help me a lot to feel a little bit free during this quarentine. 

I'm a music composer and a did a piece inspired by the experience of playing your map, I hope you like it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HsE6Qq6x65Q

nice work man!

This game is beautiful and mind soothing :) Congratulations to you @cavesrd
I have a request/question though: is it possible to change the keybinding ? If yes, how to do that? Cause I have an AZERTY keyboard and that's really the only issue I have to point.
Thanks by advance for any answer ;)

Thank you! unfortunatley implementing keybindings is one of the hardest things to do, but I might include arrow key input as well, or you can always use a controller!

Oh OK... Thanks for this quick reply :)

Therefore I'll be waiting for arrow keys as an alternative ;)

Again thanks for your work!

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Lovely game! It was a little frustrating to get to the end of the map and then realise that there were objectives though.

haha sorry

Hi, very good 3D graphics! Pls consider adding in small wildlife. E.g. birds on tree branches, insects on leaves, hermit crab at the seashore. Players can then explore the environment, try to spot all the wildlife,  stored in an photo album. 

good idea! unfortunatley I don't have much experience with animation, only environment design. but i'll keep it on the list

Where are files saved? It does not seem to save the images anywhere.

there is an option to open the screenshots folder on exiting, it's in appdata/local/iceland

It does not open the folder.

that would only happen if you haven't taken any photos, have you found the in-game camera yet?

Yes I have. Reflecting on this, I think this is a consequence of Itch's method of storing data: On Windows, all data from the itch.io app is stored under a seperate user.

that's pretty weird if the folder isn't in C:\Users\(username)\AppData\Local\Iceland\Saved\Screenshots\WindowsNoEditor, then it's definitley itch.io that's handling the files differently somehow


This game blew my mother away, and myself, these type of graphics are what some people get paid millions of dollars to work on


I've never seen a game like this that relaxes my mind, I love this game,and I've never measured a game like this before, it made me feel like it was holding my stomach. hh, a very strange metaphor. thank you, let me break the shackles of time and space, to see these views. 

you're very welcome, glad it made you feel that way

Hallo, i've just purchased both Fujimi and Iceland VR, everything is very well done, by the way there are some problems with some shadows/reflections don't know exactly, i mean that inside hmd some stuff is not properly 3d so each eye see different things, it's very noticeable on Iceland at the beginning, some (most?) rocks have this issue, and also on Fujimi same problem with rocks near the water (before the waterfall), rocks appears darker on 1 eye compared to the other eye, the effect in vr is not so good and it partially ruins the experience.

If i close 1 eye it looks much better, so that means there's something wrong :)

i hope you can have a look, thanks

hey! I've heard about this happening to the water but I haven't seen anything like this with the rocks. which headset are you using? I need to be able to reproduce this myself before I can fix it

I'm on Pimax, usually this kind of issues comes up when i keep parallel projection disabled, but in this case it's still there also with PP enabled, i've noticed, tested now on Iceland, that the problem is present only when i set Lights to "high", maybe is SSAO or something similar ? Because it appears where usually SSAO does its job, So i suppose is a problem only related to Pimax ?

Don't get me wrong the effect is not horrible but is enough to be noticeable, by the way i've fixed with lights set to low so i guess i can live with it :) thanks for the quick reply!

Hey, caves rd, I was wondering. Your simulations are john-wick Breathtaking and it has such large and nano-size details but, some people find it a bit lonely and I was thinking if it was possible to make a menu that gives you the possibility to play with friends. Host-sided servers, I was thinking of.

hey, I would very much like to add multiplayer, but it would probably take a very long time, I'd prefer to move on to new projects for now. I might try it in the future though


Hi! I bought the VR version, and this is just breathtaking!! 
Just one thing; whenever I try to use the camera and get it close to my eye, the whole game starts to stutter and get unstable (camera stuck in the air, stuff like that... Would really appreciate you fixing it.. I'm kinda stuck in the game because of it :\ 


hey! sorry that photo mode is kind of experimental, i'm still working on it. you can still progress with the game if you use the hand framing mode though! that shouldn't have any problems

Thanks for your reply! I saw that option, but unfortunately, I have a medical condition in my left hand which won't let me use this feature..

But take your time! I have plenty of stuff to do in vr in general lol. Damn, even standing still 'on' this island is amazing :)



Just tried this out on my Oculus Quest. Was completely blown away, and am so glad I paid for the vr verision. This is exactly what I've been looking for. :')


ah dude  the vr version was such a struggle for me so i'm really glad to hear this


Hi! Beautiful! Why it is not available for Mac?


a few reasons
- I would need to own a mac to compile it
- generally graphics cards found in macs are a much lower standard and the game wouldn't run very well/the visual quality would be hindered
- compiling for mac would mean reworking some fundamental parts of the game, which could take a long time
thanks for taking interest anyway though!


Thank you for your answer, amazing work!


Hey I'm getting a fatal error message when I try to launch the game with my Vive Cosmos. Any idea's on how to fix? https://imgur.com/a/xeDtfNQ


google 'unreal engine 4' preqrequisites and download the nescessary files, that should fix it


This game i soooo good, i love it so much, it’s so peaceful and calm, but pleaasse remove some of the boundaries, there’s been many times where i’ll try to get a good shot just to be stopped by one 


thanks! which boundaries are the most annoying? I can't remove all of them


it’s not any specific ones, but just some of the minor ones that keep you from going into a rock, smaller stuff like that


Hey mate, amazing game. I just ran into a small bug where if you are looking at a surface up close and open the game menu, it will be blocked out by that surface as if it is behind the surface you are looking at. Nevertheless it is truly amazing. cheers, keep up the great work.


hey thanks! i'll try and fix this somehow but for now you can just open the menu while not facing towards something

Hey! Thank you for this. VR really transported me back to the Icelandic shores, the fog timing is spot-on accurate to the real thing.

A question - is there a way to set the capture resolution? 1500x2000 is a bit low. 

Thank you!


hey no problem! I didn't include the option for higher resolutions because it already lags the vr view when taking a photo, but I might add it for people who don't mind the lag


You can count me in that subset of people! This creation of yours is truly a breath of fresh air during these isolation times :D

i cant find the control for the camera can you help


you need to find the camera in the world first

Deleted 3 years ago

what are your specs?

Deleted 3 years ago

then you probably don't have very good specs or you don't have a graphics card in your pc

Hey, I bought this game on steam with the VR DLC and took many pictures that I was hoping I could look at later, but I can't seem to find the file location of the virtual pictures I took if there is any.

in the game's exit menu there's an option for the screenshot folder to open up automatically
it's in appdata/local/iceland/windowsnoeditor/screenshots

thank you!


This was such a beautiful experience. Thank you for making a game that takes you out to another place, not only visibly but emotionally.

Awesome, awesome game. Really nailed a lot of things right with the pace and overall gameplay approach. Thanks for the game, I'll donate tomorrow when I get paid :) 

Check out my stream here:

thanks for sharing man! glad you liked it

Nice work on the recent updates to the Iceland environment! BTW, I ended up tossing $1.15 your way for the rainy New Zealand map. Wish you all the best, Caves RD, (Matt) and hope things turn out well with you. Left a comment there too.

thank you man!

how do i run the vr version?

unzip and run icelandVR.exe after opening oculus/steamvr

So I have no complaints on this game, its absolutely stunning. But when I downloaded it, it was glitchy and refused to run smoothly. I also have no idea how to bring up the camera, so could you please tell me how to do that?

Thanks for reading,


what are your computer specs?
and you have to find the camera in the world before you can use it

This is an amazing experience! I was skeptical but this will keep me entertained for hours. Not just for just relaxing but to also show off for friends and family. 

Thank you Caves, I am purchasing your other experiences!

you’re welcome!

It's a great game, but I can't save my progress after I have finished the game.

I figured there actually isn't much progress to save so I didn't include it, but I'm thinking of adding an option to visit the alternate sunset scene from the menu after it's been unlocked

Glad to hear that. I'd love to walk in the game from time to time. And  I have to say that your work is the most wonderful art pieces I've ever seen. It makes me feel connected to some places and shows me another fantastic world. I have recommended your games to all my friends, and they are all shocked by such great art. Thank you for all your work.

Deleted 3 years ago

please do! same with the alternate maps for the other games!!

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