A downloadable scene

This is an old project, leaving this page here for archival puposes but planning to remove it soon.

please consider trying my newer projects:


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Any plans of porting this to VR?



nope this scene is old as hell, I'll at least be porting the newer ones first

Ya, was thinking that also when I saw the create date. Just haven't seen any others with Aspen type trees / woods

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A fantastic little project here. The DEV has spent a lot of time putting together a realistic scene which is just about almost there. Even though it's a small playing area, I really found it fascinating  to wonder around the area and enjoy the hard work involved in getting this together. It's a little dark but with a touch of brightness and contrast this could be improved! or is this a true reflection of the DEVS journey?  Now there's a thought.

Great work 

Listen to "The Cure - From the Edge of The Green Sea" while watching this. It just fits so well.



just saw this! thanks for playing, and yeah i'll take a listen to that song


The Envorpment is amazing man. Layout is perfect, small area that hopefully over time i hope you add more to this sir.

thanks so much for playing this man. Instead of adding more to this i'm just going to put the effort into the next bigger/better scene


Visually very nice, very small space to explore though, hopefully it can be expanded.. I haven't played enough with the engine to create my own anything so I can't complain :)

I've actually been looking for this very kind of thing, exploration of environments with no objectives .. fun little stress killer in the middle of a work day, good for a 15 minute break.


thank you! glad you find the enjoyment in these types of games

definitely bigger and more explorable environments to come. This was the first scene I've made, I had to learn how to do everything from scratch. I just wanted to have a simple basis project (that wasn't too unachievable)  before I move on to bigger things. thanks so much for playing!


If you add items to use for puzzles and things like that this could be a very could silent hill/ Siren type of game, even if its short, the content you add makes the difference, very good ambient environment

You're definitely right, maybe in the future. creating game elements isn't my focus atm because I'm just focusing on visuals and how I can make the scene look. But soon i'm thinking of adding some elements of discovery, like secret areas etc