A downloadable environment

I've recently removed the download as this environment will be part of a compilation I'm working on called "Lushfoil Photography Sim", that'll be available early 2023. 

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I run beta testing sessions for new environments exclusively on discord.
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What are the 4 items you can collect in this beta? I already found the surf board thing but there's 3 others left. Is there a torch/flashlight in the game like one of the other betas? Oh, and by the way, this game is literally the most beautiful and relaxing thing I've seen in a long time!

Edit: I found the torch

Is it possible to group the VR enabled content. itch.io is terrible platform to start with , so wouldn't be surprised if there were limitations. However, you make great content, but I only use it in PC VR so would be nice to be able to sort/go to one section and know what is what. Additionally, With the GPU's these days, it should make all of them VR capable.


hoping to include vr support for everything in one app

I've only found out about this game and it blow me away. It's a great experience and i can't wait it to be released as a complete game so i can buy it. But i have a suggestion and i hope the developer will see this comment. If you can make games like this, can you also make a similar game where you can explore different planetary objects like Mars, Venus, Moon, Titan, Europa etc.? Just like an astronaut landed on the planet, we can explore some parts that's been revealed to this date. I think that can be an amazing experience for players and could be a great project to invest on. Most of us will not live long enough to see man landing on Mars and yet we can even walk on fiery surface of the Venus or watch the Saturn rising over the methane lakes of Titan and take pictures (or collect rock samples if it's not too much work lol).

thanks so much :) that sounds like a big undertaking, probably suitable for a different game. nice ideas though!

Nice game

ok now this is the best game. idec i love it so much

it is great work, and prety impressive for a hoby project.
though just a bit curiouse.. is the map hand made and moddeled, asset build or is it 3D scaned?


thanks! the map is sculpted by hand

For some reason the game doesn't seem to work for me, I launch the game and it does run but it does not take me to the actual game in VR itself... any solutions?


make sure you downloaded the right version, both have separate zip folders and .exe

always blown away and enamored with your work. what a wonderful experience.


i just played the iceland experience, sooo good, the environment is so well made. I wanted to play in VR, was going to buy the bundle but does it work on the quest via link?

yes it should! let me know if you need help

I just had a go on the castle rock beach in VR, looks great! Looking forward to trying the others. I'd definitely vote on a Mars one next! I'm sure there's some good curiosity rover data that could be built up into an awesome one of these!


i downloaded the game for free , liked it and later purchased it hoping it will give the project file. Disappointed


I haven't mentioned anywhere that I'm offering the project file, this isn't the ue marketplace


Feels just like Australia. Noticed you're Aussie too? Sick! Thanks for making all of these type of games, they're really fun and relaxing to explore.

Wow this is epic! Thank you so much! I would love to see some californian spots like the redwoods or venice beach handcrafted with your awesome skills! Thank you so much!

thanks for playing! yeah that would be cool

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I'll consider it, does the windows version not work on linux?

This is beautiful and I love the idea, but I wish there were control options for smooth turning, headset oriented movement, and not having to hold a button to sprint. It's also quite annoying how the controller's pitch influences movement speed, so you have to hold the controller exactly level if you want to move at full speed.

If you added these control options, I'd definitely buy the whole bundle.

noted! thanks


Real pleasure playing it, goddamn nice ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘



this isn't a game
it's art
and I'm not joking, this is absolutely gorgeous. It's pure art.

thank you!


I congratulate you to this achievement, Matt! What a beautiful atmosphere, so calm and relaxing, everything draws me in and brings me to another place, thousands of miles away. It feels so realistic, the sound design is doing a great job to create this experience too. Your games are always something very special, something to be experienced like a cup of exquisite tea. Everything fits so perfectly together to create this illusion (Wagner's term of the "Gesamtkunstwerk" comes to my mind). Especially in chaotic times like these such a game is a real treasure and helps me to clear my mind. It's like a form of meditation for me. I thank you profoundly for this!

๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ thank you so much

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I barely launched it and i already know this will be my favourite one. I absolutely love all your works. The new music collab sounds great as well. Keep it up man! I'd love to see you work with a gamemaking studio one day possibly and make a puzzle/walking simulator game together. 

EDIT: And I've finished it. HOLY CRAP. The experience was amazing, finding the camera took me more time than doing the photos (in fact, i got 5 out of 6 before finding the photo board!), and then i walked through the gate... and what I found there was FREAKING INCREDIBLE. The second mode is AMAZING. I love it sooooo much!!! 

PS: I took a picture in the secret mode (after clearing out the photo board) and i heard the *ding*...? Is there more to do? Anymore secrets, drone, dream mode, anything?


thanks so much man! glad you liked this one
yes there's another photo board ((if you go to the campfire when it's sunset))

OOOH i gotta find that one tomorrow.


any news about game release?

im itching to explore your works!!


tomorrow! :)


yayaya just saw ur notif on YT

its gonna be free wow cant wait 


Looking forward to it! Love your worlds.




I admire your work, it is good to see how it improves over time, have you considered implementing nvidia rtx for more realism?

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raytracing is cool but for most purposes it just tanks the framerate, which isn't worth the visual quality bump compared to normal lighting/reflection methods (imo)

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It looks incredible, can't wait to play it!!!

Good to see a official collaboration with Chillhop Music, keep it up man