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I bought this as part of a bundle, but the links to download it are now gone, what happened?

you should still be able to redeem it through your original reciept link, the downloads are still there

if i buy do i get the assets?

no sorry it's a packaged game

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I'm unsure why you've removed the links for this.  It's usual to update a build, or if a remastered product to leave the old build for those who have it already and offer a new product

just put the download back up!

Thank you :D

I got this as part of the bundle for Racial Equality.  I tried to download it and found that the links are gone :(  Can you help me?

repaired the download! it should work now

:[[[[[ i 'own' it but cannot have it because it is gone

did you delete the copy you've downloaded? you might be able to still download it from the link in your email reciept, if not send me a dm/email

Wanted to post my video here as this is a beautifully created tour :) Thanks for the hard work!

Outstanding work; I bought the bundle so I can please my eyes a little, I got some complains too, but that might be just my end; I do feel like on desktop the quality is near perfect in graphics terms, while on VR I can notice how different it is, in a bad way, quality is way worse despite I set the highest settings and disable DLSS, maybe I am missing details ?

Keep up your good work!

Thanks so much for contributing wakamarina valley to the bundle for racial justice and equality. I've been playing through the bundle and came across this gem. Really impressive how you did all the photography settings, including filters in the game! I loved exploring this place. 

Full review is here:

thanks for playing and for writing this up! looks like you didn't reach the second level though?

there's a second level?! If I find the pictures on the board, does it unlock. Curious how to get there.

Very atmospheric, the only way currently to spend  the holidays! I like it very much! Great work!


thanks for giving it away for free bro, this is a fantastic game!

This is my favorite experience. It is so beautiful and so calming, my only wish is that i could pet the sheep :)

i need this, but i have no money.


this game is free now


make this for free pls amn


message me i'll send it to you

Super cool. Finding the photo spots was more difficult than usual in this one. When it turned to the raining scene it made me feel really miserable lol, which is a good thing because of how realistic it is. I hope you do more cave stuff in the future. Great job!

Beautiful Wakamarina Valley :) Really Really Well Done Simulator :)

I should have written a "thank you" comment a long time ago, back when I grabbed this, but somehow it just slipped by... Better late than never I guess! 

Anyway, beautiful work, just like all your other stuff! Id be fine with just a tiny open space like this I could freely explore, but the photography aspect really elevates all these experiences to another level. So yeah, that's about it. Thank you so much for these amazing experiences and thanks for making me discover The Glow Pt. 2 ;)


thanks so much for telling me this man I really appreciate it :)

absolutely beautiful my man. good work.

thanks dude


This game completely annihilates my 1080TI/6700K - even with GSync on I can't get it smooth.

Looks amazing, though.


damn what graphics settings? it might be something else making an influence, I've tested this on a 1060 i5 and it runs at a smooth 60


Everything maxed, I guess. I think it's me trying to run at over 60FPS (GSync) - it still stutters a little bit at 60FPS locked, but a lot less. I'm happy to try another one of your experiences or run debug settings or whatever. Latest NVidia driver on Windows 10 2004. I am having trouble capturing this at the moment, will try again tomorrow. I appreciate the response.

It was very relaxing and genuine time. I have motion sickness issue while playing games, but I enjoyed this short walking simulator. I hope I could make the playthrough relaxing and enjoyable for whoever wanted to go for a walk with me.

 Okay, so I have some feedback to give on the game.

First of all, definitely pretty. As it should be. I don't have any problem with running it either at max settings on a 2060, or with movement or anything like that. The music is also lovely, and overall it is quite relaxing.

However, there are a number of issues.

Number one, and the worst in my opinion: The bloom and godrays are insane, and completely ruin it. The options menu says low light isn't recommended, but even with low there are still plenty of scenes that look like I'm viewing them through a foggy window. I've attached links of how bad it is with the light on High, and the issues still with it on Low.

Besides that, the fact that you can't walk even through grass from the path to the waterside seems silly. For an explorable environment, there shouldn't be invisible walls except at the boundaries of the explorable region, the physical objects should be the only boundaries inside it. And the slowdown to a crawl when you leave the path also seems to discourage exploration.

Less major, but still annoying, whenever you're moving and you go through or even close to a bush or branch, the game tries to focus in on that item and then focuses back out again. The result is that the entire screen just blurs out for a second and it's very jarring. 

I was going to say that the size of the area also seemed a bit low, but on reading the page it says you added a new area and a bunch of new features. However, I'm not sure how to access any of these, as you haven't put the controls anywhere in the game or on this page, and I've pressed every single key on my keyboard with no luck.

Actually, I went ahead and I looked in the Steam forums and saw that you said you don't start unlocking things until later. I get that you want people to find things on their own, but you should probably at least put an FAQ or some hints for people who have trouble or don't understand.

Same with the save feature. The comment of "It's annoying to reset your save anytime you want to start again" is just silly. If I'm playing a relaxing atmospheric experience, I want to be able to pop it open and go wherever I want instantly. I don't want to spend 20 minutes doing more work just to get to the place I want. I promise you, the vast majority of people will be much happier with a save and very few people would have any reason to need to reset the game, as long as you can port back to each area (as I assume you can).


Yo! thanks for taking the time to write out this feedback, it's useful to get a different perspective on the game. unfortunatley a lot of these suggestions have some related compromises, and so I don't agree with a few of them, if you want me to explain in more detail I guess we can discuss over email?

I'm back after buying it on the steam sale! Definitely my favourite of your creations. Looking forward to more experiences like this. I love it so much. It's also greatly improved comparing to the original New Zealand Recreation thats still on my hard drive. Is there a way to turn on the "dream" weather mode (constantly spinning sun) again? I've had it only for like a minute and then the game just kicked me out to the original sunny setting. Also the drone is such a incredible addition, I want it in your next games too! Too bad it's restricted by the skybox so much, i wanted to make a photo from very far, over the lake and just hit an invisible wall with my drone. Other then that again I love it so so so much <3 

thanks so much for the feedback man :) really glad to hear this. I'm also glad you found the easter eggs because it looks like not many people did. The Level with the moving sun is only available for the time that the song lasts, if you want to see it agian you'll have to go back to the same location on the rain map.


Not worth 2$ to be honest... 




As always, very beautiful. All rights reserved.!!)))



For some reason the game keeps opening up with my view stuck and clipping through the ground. Is there a way to fix this? I'm currently redownloading the game. Thanks for your time.

that means you've launched the VR version instead of the Desktop version

Ok, thanks!


Thank you so much for this game. It's been a stressful past few weeks and this was such a relaxing and calming experience! 


you're welcome! thanks for playing

Deleted 3 years ago

Maybe an issue with either the movement blur or the mouse smoothing?

just bought the bundle, but cant seem to download this? it wont give me an option for the game to download, just where it'll download too.. hm

you have to do it from the download link in your email receipt 

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well its insane graphics n game altogether, but all iv found of interest is the camera, the photo board and the cave thingy, n iv looked around 4 ages. how do i find more stuff/go to next level? im lost.

(ps i thought fs19 graphics were good till i saw this)

i figured mebbe take pictures of the  places on the photo board, but iv got absolutely no idea where some of them are.

Iceland and Fushimi Inari are not VR?

they are! but you need to donate $4 or more

Great game but I can't open up the Camera, am I doing something wrong?

you need to find it in the world first

How do you get the new rainy version? I have the old rain version still on my pc.

the rain version is now merged with the main game

Maybe I'm just being thick but how do I switch to the rain map?

I can't really explain without spoiling the game, you have to finish all the objectives in the first level

stunning environment, seriously. this is the warm virtual bath i was looking for!

thank you!

unbelievably beautiful. thank you so much for making this, playing through it made me very happy. im def gonna check out all the other stuff youve uploaded as well as try to find the drone (which i didnt realize existed until just now looking at the other comments)

thank you so much! I think I made the drone a little too hidden, just search the rain map for anything that wasn't there before

any further hints?


it's off the main road

Got it!! Thanks!

How can I save the game? After I reload all my progress is lost.

currently no momentary saving, but it'll save after each level

Ok, thank you. Nice game btw. ;)


Hey man, I love your work! Still haven't found the drone, but I'm going to try again later today. Do you think in any future update you might add some birds, deer, other animals to give more subjects to shoot with the camera? Because thats the one thing I really would love to see is wildlife. I know that gets tricky and can potentially pull away from the realism. But I would love to take some pictures of a bird on the fence post. Or a lizard on a rock. know what I mean?

Keep up the great work! Oh and on the Iceland map, is there a key I'm supposed to find to open that gate? Cause that's what the clues make me believe.



spend some more time exploring the rain map

What part is the rain map? Does it have a cave with glowing things

Deleted 3 years ago

If you've played Fushimi Inari by CavesRD you might remember going off the road to find a hidden statue and take a picture of it. Well, the idea is reused here. Go off the road sometimes :) 

I loved the view! Everything its awesome! You made an fantastic work on this one! <3

But my camera doesn't open, even pressing the spacebar... Should i do something?

you need to find the camera in the game first

Is there any way to run this at 1440p? It doesn't appear to be running at the  native resolution of my monitor

that's weird that it doesn't automatically adjust, I think there might be an .ini file you can modify but i'm not sure

Hi Matt, I was excited to see the remaster but I can't get it to work. It wouldn't download through Itch ("no compatible uploads were found" and when I downloaded it from the website and unzipped it, I got a frozen screen where the lower half (grass area) was blank white. I did try moving the whole folder to where I have my Itch games, but it still does not work & I can't open it through Itch. My apologies if this is a noob question, but what am I missing? Thanks!

hey, this sounds really weird, just make sure you have all the correct unreal engine prerequisites installed, you can get them from the .exe in Engine\Extras\Redist\en-us

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